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About Us

Özyurt Madencilik İnsaat San. ve Tic A.Ş

ÖZYURT A.Ş.; aims to be the leader company of Turkey ready mixed concrete industry, quarry establishments, asphalt production, construction undertaking works and concrete elements with quality product and service, which it provides to its clients, respect that it shows for the community and environment, constant searching and development that it carries out, added value which it implements on professional careers of its employees and efficiency-increasing modern management techniques that it implements. Özyurt A.Ş. Turkey Aggregate and Concrete group, constitutes 40% of total sales, besides carrying out business with its 1100 personnel. It takes confident steps towards future in aggregate and concrete activity by its facilities, equipped with state of the art technology. Our target is to leave clean and contemporary works, which do not constitute infrastructure, transportation and technology problems.

Özyurt A.Ş. , carrying out all kinds of infrastructure, road superstructure elements, also conducts official registered works with the support ARCHITECTURAL AND STATICAL PROJECT GROUP, included in Özyurt A.Ş. and which has proceeded by getting stronger after 1997, and turnkey construction works for private sector.

For example; we constructed Gaziosmanpaşa Square intersection and environmental planning project, carried out with the cutting edge technology, by constructional elements, which were produced by us. Infrastructure and superstructure constructions (Gaziosmanpaşa square underpass and overpass, Küçükköy intersection underpass and overpass, Metris intersection underpass and overpass, Formula 1 linking roads, 850 office capacity cooperative, belonging to İkitelli Kitchen Furniture Construction Cooperative partners) works were completed and all kinds of architectural design and static projects were carried out by our company. In addition; infrastructure and superstructure road curb and environmental planning works, in which products that we produced were used, were carried out. Besides official undertaking works, belonging to municipality and affiliates, undertaking works for private sector were carried out.